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ParLoc4  - the Java Version


Previous versions have only been available for Windows and were written in Delphi.

I have decided to create a Java version so that ParLoc becomes more platform independent.

I know very little about Linux but have done some testing on Linux (Ubuntu) but have no experience of the Mac.

This  release ParLoc4.1


There is no installer with this version .  Un-Zip the downloaded file as follows:-

As with ParLoc 3 all the files (including the program) used by ParLoc4.nn are in the same Directory(folder).

In Ubuntu I put the ZIP file in my home folder and the extract created  ParLoc4.nn under my home folder. When you have Un-Ziped the file you will need to  set the “Executable Bit” in the file ParLoc.jar

Perhaps an experienced Mac user could advise me on the best approach but all the files must be in the same directory.

You will need Java Runtime (JRE)  version 7 or later which  is FREE and can be downloaded from java.com

Download   ParLoc41.zip        (366kb)